We help our clients to reduce the time from idea to valuable software in the hands of their users.


"If Agile software development was the opening act to a great performance, Continuous Delivery is the headliner."

Forrester Research, 2013

"This simple concept - a kind of continuous integration on mega steroids - has profound repercussions, all of which make your process better."

Dr Dobbs Journal, 2011

Continuous Delivery is the state of the art in software development process. This is the process that businesses of all kinds have been waiting for.

Continuous Delivery Ltd. is a company founded to help organisations achieve their software ambitions, to release world-class software that will delight your users.

We aim to make businesses more innovative and more experimental, allowing you to try out new ideas. Get those ideas implemented quickly, efficiently and with high quality and get them into the hands of your users and customers to see what they make of them.

Giving you the opportunity to learn and react and to become a genuinely agile organisation.