Build a Deployment Pipeline

Continuous Delivery Deployment Pipelines are a fantastic tool. Efficient pipelines will improve your team’s productivity, reduce time spent fixing stubborn bugs and help your organisation earn more money by building better software faster. Our founder and director, Dave Farley, is the inventor of the CD Deployment Pipeline. Which means if you’re looking to learn how to build the best and most efficient pipelines, you’re in exactly the right place. We offer training from building your first Deployment Pipeline through to advanced DP techniques, and can assess and advise on how to improve your pipeline, reduce defects and improve production time by up to 50%.


The Deployment Pipeline is a central concept in Continuous Delivery. It is an effective, controlled channel through which all change to production flows. It works best when the feedback it delivers is fast, efficient and gives a definitive statement on the releasability of your system into production. Dave invented the concept of the Deployment Pipeline and has helped firms around the world in the specification, production and optimisation of their pipelines. In addition to our consultancy services, we offer an "Advanced Deployment Pipelines" training course


How to Build a DEPLOYMENT PIPELINE? (Continuous Delivery)

Real Example of a Deployment Pipeline in the Fintech Industry

Defining A Deployment Pipeline | SHORT

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