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Maintaining your software in a releasable state is the central challenge of Continuous Delivery. To do that we need to continuously understand the releasability of our systems, which means automated testing. Dave Farley brings his expertise in the field of automated testing to bear to offer effective testing strategies, whatever the unique constraints of your organisation, technology or environment. With Dave’s world-class expertise on TDD and BDD, he can advise you on team organisation, system-design, technology and can work, hands-on, with your technologists to coach them in the skills of automated testing.


The Deployment Pipeline is a central concept in Continuous Delivery. It is an effective, controlled channel through which all change to production flows. It works best when the feedback it delivers is fast, efficient and gives a definitive statement on the releasability of your system into production. Dave invented the concept of the Deployment Pipeline and has helped firms around the world in the specification, production and optimisation of their pipelines. In addition to our consultancy services, we offer an "Advanced Deployment Pipelines" training course


Dave Farley has been leading teams to build advanced, high-quality systems for many years. He is widely seen as an expert in Software Engineering, Design and Architecture. Dave is one of the authors of the Reactive Manifesto and brings a wealth of experience to the field. Dave can offer advice and design services in the implementation of reactive systems, high-performance systems, micro-service architectures and many more.