Learn modern software engineering techniques to take your development to new levels. We offer a range of comprehensive learning programmes designed and delivered by Dave Farley, including: live courses, free short tutorials, on-line self-paced study, and a menu of modules that can be tailored to the team or organisation’s needs. These courses form Learning Pathways which start from an introduction to the concepts of Continuous Delivery, the Deployment Pipeline and Testing skills, through to Advanced Software Engineering Techniques. Check out our CD.Training School to see the range of on-line courses, including FREE Tutorials. Contact us if you would like more information about live training, bespoke courses, or business Group Programme bookings at a discount.


Better Software Faster

The Anatomy of a Deployment Pipeline

TDD & BDD - Design Through Testing

ATDD - From Stories to Executable Specifications

Leading Continuous Delivery

Get Going with CD Pipelines


The Deployment Pipeline is a central concept in Continuous Delivery. It is an effective, controlled channel through which all change to production flows. It works best when the feedback it delivers is fast, efficient and gives a definitive statement on the releasability of your system into production. Dave invented the concept of the Deployment Pipeline and has helped firms around the world in the specification, production and optimisation of their pipelines. In addition to our consultancy services, we offer an "Advanced Deployment Pipelines" training course


How should you approach technical leadership in a Continuous Delivery environment? We look at effective team structures and organisational patterns, and examine the role of leadership in empowered, autonomous teams and offer advice on managing the technical practices, organising work and developing a collaborative learning team culture. We offer a broadly applicable framework to support more effective, evidence-based decision-making, and a model for measuring the performance of teams and organisations that allows you to guide the improvement of your teams and practices. In addition to our consultancy services, we offer a"Leading for Continuous Delivery" training course.