Engineering for Software

We help businesses across the globe succeed in their journey to build better software, faster. We help your team to reduce the time between having an idea to producing valuable working software. Building on the principles of Modern Software Engineering, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, TDD, and World-Class Architecture. We offer assessments of your delivery process and advice on how to take your next steps. From start-ups to some of the biggest names in tech, we have brought modern software engineering ideas to life for top-performing development teams.

Organisation Structure and Leadership

Continuous Delivery challenges organisations on a variety of fronts. It requires good performance in technology, organisation and culture. Our approach is holistic and incremental, addressing change on each of these fronts. We work to evolve your approach to create a paradigm-shift in how you undertake software development. In addition to a deep technical focus, we help non-technical people understand what Continuous Delivery is, why it matters to them, and their role in its adoption. We can advise on team governance, structure, leadership and help to achieve the culture-change at the heart of Continuous Delivery.


How should you approach technical leadership in a Continuous Delivery environment? We look at effective team structures and organisational patterns, and examine the role of leadership in empowered, autonomous teams and offer advice on managing the technical practices, organising work and developing a collaborative learning team culture. We offer a broadly applicable framework to support more effective, evidence-based decision-making, and a model for measuring the performance of teams and organisations that allows you to guide the improvement of your teams and practices. In addition to our consultancy services, we offer a"Leading for Continuous Delivery" training course.

Our Approach

Our services are very wide-ranging in scope, and in their effect on your business. Team organisation, test strategy, system architecture, engineering practices, technical skills and many other things need to be considered to approach world-class performance in this space.

Building Better Software

Dave is committed to sharing his experience and techniques with software developers around the world, helping them to improve the design, quality and reliability of their software, by sharing his expertise through his consultancy.