Consultancy - Our Approach

Our Consulting Approach

We offer a wide variety of services and can offer solutions to difficulties you may face in your software development approach. Most consultancy engagements usually begin with an assessment, carried out through a series of workshops. These workshops identify: where best to focus efforts to make the biggest impacts; what improvements will be most effective for your team; and what additional services CD Ltd can offer.


We usually structure assessments around a Value-Stream Analysis, and sometimes also assess your Continuous Delivery Maturity. These assessment activities are carried out as a series of workshops.



We can offer workshops on a wide variety of topics. The goal of these sessions is to be very interactive. We use these activities to listen, coach and encourage teams to gain new insights, inspire and motivate them to generate new ideas. These are coaching sessions as well as exploratory, giving your teams a broader and deeper understanding of Continuous Delivery and Modern Software Engineering practices and what it takes to establish them throughout your organisation

Continuous Delivery For Vendors
Keynote Talks
A Day with Dave Farley
Bespoke Training Programmes

CD Ltd has a wide range of training modules that can be organised into a flexible, bespoke training programme designed to meet your specific needs.