CD Cant Work for Me!

Continuous Delivery is widely accepted as the best way to develop quality software, and is practised by the biggest and most successful companies on the planet! But if you think you can’t get the benefits of CD because your business operates in a highly regulated sector, or relies on old technologies and legacy code, we can help. Dave Farley has experience of leading CD practice in large, bureaucratic, regulated industries in technically demanding problem domains and helping clients transform their software development process.


We usually structure assessments around a Value-Stream Analysis, and sometimes also assess your Continuous Delivery Maturity. These assessment activities are carried out as a series of workshops.

Real Example of a Deployment Pipeline in the Fintech Industry

A Real World Example of BDD

The Problem With Open Source

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Siemens Healthcare

"We are just at the beginning of adoption of Continuous Delivery but the steps undertaken so far already yielded wide-ranging and diverse changes in development culture, technical improvements, efficiency and quality."