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Achieving Continuous Delivery is about much more than tools and technology. It’s vital for any organisation looking to use modern software engineering techniques to have a true understanding of what it takes to adopt a Continuous Delivery mind set. Whether you are a team leader, manager, or part of a team that needs to improve their understanding of this philosophy, we have world class solutions to support you in your work, and we can target our advice, training and consultancy to the needs of your team.

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All our Courses are Available as Cohort-Based Training. If you would like a Training Programme for a Team, or Group of Students, please contact us to discuss Your Requirements and Get a Quote.


Booking a day for your team to spend with Dave Farley can help build energy for a new project and help your team learn and improve together. The day may include: a presentation to your whole development organisation; a series of targeted workshops; exploring specific problems and possible solutions; and/or, get Dave’s insight into organisation, architecture design and development approach.


An Inside Look At eBay’s Software Practices

The Difference Between Continuous Delivery & Continuous Deployment

The Role Of QA in Agile Software

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"Dave was the obvious choice to deliver the keynote to our yearly internal developer conference in 2020. It was a huge inspiration and a valuable conceptual roadmap for eBay’s Velocity init..."