With Dave’s help, teams are now practising CD and continuously deploying features and updates to production

- Graham Brooks - VP Technology, Chief Engineer

LexisNexis is a leading global provider of legal and regulatory intelligence. We give organisations the business information and analytics they need to make better, more impactful decisions. We are adopting Continuous Delivery techniques to improve our software delivery methods in building powerful new decision tools that use machine learning, natural language processing, visualisation and artificial intelligence. We engaged with Dave Farley from Continuous Delivery Ltd to work with teams from across the business, at various levels of Continuous Delivery adoption, to provide an introduction to Continuous Delivery. Dave provided training and consulting advice to help teams establish baselines and frame their thinking about direction, and approaches aligned to each team’s goals. Continuous Delivery involves every aspect of software development and delivery. Recognising the ‘next step’ and how that fits into an overall improvement program is often challenging in the team context of competing priorities and current approaches. With Dave’s help, some teams are now practising CD and delivering software, continuously deploying features and updates to production. Others continue to develop their Continuous Delivery expertise and share their experiences with others.