Get the Business Benefits of Continuous Delivery

What do Google, Tesla, Apple and Amazon have in common? They all use Continuous Delivery in their software development. Continuous Delivery enables the best companies in the world to produce world-class, industry-leading software. We have data from more than 2 decades which shows that businesses using Continuous Delivery practices will: develop higher quality software more quickly, have better staff retention, waste less time fixing bugs, and make more money. Our range of services will help you develop the technical skills, team organisation and culture, and systems design, so that your business can get the business benefits of Continuous Delivery.

Organisation Structure and Leadership

Continuous Delivery challenges organisations on a variety of fronts. It requires good performance in technology, organisation and culture. Our approach is holistic and incremental, addressing change on each of these fronts. We work to evolve your approach to create a paradigm-shift in how you undertake software development. In addition to a deep technical focus, we help non-technical people understand what Continuous Delivery is, why it matters to them, and their role in its adoption. We can advise on team governance, structure, leadership and help to achieve the culture-change at the heart of Continuous Delivery.


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"With Dave’s help, teams are now practising CD and continuously deploying features and updates to production"

Graham Brooks - VP Technology, Chief Engineer