Scientific Instrument Manufacturer

We can now deliver software at a much increased cadence, accurately and with an increase in quality

- Richard Chapman, Chief Engineer

This company develop Scientific Software Applications mainly used in the Pharmaceutical industry for compliance and drug discovery amongst other things. They are market leaders in their space and have development centres around the world. Dave has worked with the Chief Engineer over the past 4 years to help transform their approach to software development and transform their delivery pipelines to be more iterative, incremental and outcome orientated. As an acknowledged expert in CI/CD, we commissioned Dave because of his expertise and approach which is “scientific method based, and not ‘textbook based’ knowledge, but is experience-based and credible”. Dave’s role encompassed executive stakeholder engagement all the way through to practical hands-on advice at the team level around agile and CI/CD activities including metrics and measurements. Dave’s contribution in the form of “evangelism-orientated activities” was particularly valuable in adjusting behaviours of business stakeholders, quality assurance / legacy compliance activities, and marrying that to some of the ‘agile dogma’ that existed in the teams. Dave’s engagement has taken a variety of forms including: 

  • Initial assessments of teams, groups, and the whole development function.
  • Targeted training in CD principles, automated testing and PO/Requirements processes.
  • Workshops on a wide variety of topics, from CD principles, cloud architectural approaches, details of test strategy and system design.
  • Strategic consultancy to help guide the process of change, and adoption, organisation-wide, of CD principles and techniques.
… to achieve a much more deterministic set of mechanisms for delivering software that teams use on a daily basis. We now have a good basis for iterating, measuring and learning from our development system and can now deliver software at some much increased cadence, accurately and without a reduction in quality (quite the opposite in fact).