Financial Services

We were able to hit the ground running thanks to setting the right course early on, and we are now able to spend probably 90% of our time delivering value to customers.

- Jake Smith, Director, TransFICC

TransFicc is an eTrading technology company providing solutions for the Fixed Income and Derivatives Markets. We act as a router, or 'broker', to deliver a very fast, highly efficient translation service between trading organisations and their partners. I worked on a service that translated and normalised multiple trading venue API's into a single API for our customers. Many of us are seasoned software developers and we had some ideas on what a good software delivery process should look like. But Dave saved us a lot of time by providing the baseline, defining and shaping the continuous delivery process, tailored to our our business-specific context, and the way in which we collaborate. We battle tested the ideas that Dave shared with us. We know his approach works. Dave worked with TransFicc in their early days as a FinTech startup. He helped to establish a set of working practices and approaches to automated testing, deployment pipelines, and architectural principles that helped make rapid progress in the early stages of the company. This enabled us to deliver working software on a daily basis and keep the number of issues to a minimum, such that we are now able to deliver bug-free features to customers quickly, so they have enough time to integrate or migrate their internal systems accordingly. Our customers are actively involved in the design of our solutions and we can act swiftly on their feedback. Our ambition is to be able to improve our customers' user experience in a matter of hours from the time the ideas are exchanged. The same applies to production systems - we aim to fix any issue within a very short time frame and make sure that it never occurs again. As we grow, new team members are able to add value and commit changes to the product on their first day of work - and see it being used by customers the very next day. This is an invaluable experience for all of us.