We offer consultancy on a range of topics

Continuous Delivery & DevOps

We offer a broad range of consultancy services. Our principal goal is to help you to reduce the time from having an idea, to getting valuable software that implements that idea into the hands of your users.

Technically this time, from idea to value, is referred to as "Cycle-Time". Working to actively reduce cycle-time can require changes in a wide variety of areas within your organisation. Everything from the way in which your business is organised to the technology that you are using to build and test your software has an impact.

Team organisation, test strategy, system architecture and many other things need to be considered to approach world-class performance in this space.

We offer services to analyse where you are in your process of adoption of Continuous Delivery. Providing expert advice on the pitfalls that are ahead and advice on next steps and directions to take.

We offer training, coaching and mentoring services that help to grow the skills in your organisation.

Our services are very wide-ranging in scope, and in their effect on your business, please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.

Assessment/Analysis Services

We offer several short-timescale services that can help you understand where your organisation is now and how to progress:

"Value-Stream Analysis". We can provide an analysis of your current software delivery process and map the value-stream from idea to working software, providing a break-down of your cycle-time. This useful tool can then be used to identify opportunities for optimisation.

"A Day with an Expert". Have your team spend a day with Dave Farley. This can include a presentation to your whole development organisation, and a series of more targeted workshops. Explain your project and/or your problems and get the benefit of advice from a world-class expert.

"Continuous Delivery Maturity Assessment". We can perform an analysis of where your team/project/organisation sits in terms of the maturity of its adoption of Continuous Delivery and advise you on what the next steps should be.

Automated Testing Strategy & Implementation

Automated testing is a cornerstone of Continuous Delivery. It is enormously valuable in helping to reduce cycle-time and improve quality, but there are many pitfalls along the way to its adoption.

Dave Farley is an expert in the field of automated testing. A long term exponent of Test Driven Development, Acceptance Test Driven Development, the use of Automated Specifications, an early contributor to the ideas of Behaviour Driven Development, Performance Testing of high-performance systems and is the creator of the concept of the Deployment Pipeline.

We can bring this experience to bear to advise you on effective testing strategies, given the unique constraints of your organisation, technology and environment. We can advise you on team organisation, system-design, test-strategy and technology and even work, hands-on, alongside your technologists to coach them and help them learn the skills of automated testing.

MicroService Architecture & Reactive Systems Design

Continuous Delivery is associated with high quality software. The processes and approach benefit significantly from a focus on quality. One of our goals as a consultancy is to help our clients produce world-class, valuable software that delights their users. We see this as a natural outcome of the approach and techniques of Continuous Delivery.

One of the hallmarks of world-class, high-quality software is that it is efficient and modular - technically it is reactive and loose-coupled. There is a synergy between this style of software architecture and the process of Continuous Delivery.

Dave Farley has been working in the field of large-scale, high-performance, distributed-systems for many years and brings a wealth of experience to the field. Dave is one of the authors of the Reactive Manifesto and was the Head of Software Development for the team that created the award-winning, high-performance financial exchange at LMAX.

We can offer advice and design services in the implementation of reactive systems and micro-service architectures. Which, in turn, will lead to systems that are high-performance, efficient and eminently testable and releasable in a Continuous Delivery setting.

Continuous Delivery For Vendors

Continuous Delivery has been widely adopted by tool vendors as a unifying approach to software development that has helped them to more clearly position their products and the value that they bring to their customers.

We can offer advice on, or critique of, product offerings. We work to maintain a broad view of the Continuous Delivery space and so can often identify complementary or competing technologies or suggest approaches to the use of your products that will enhance their value as part of a Continuous Delivery pipeline.

Dave Farley is a world authority on this subject. As author of the successful 'Continuous Delivery' book, leader of many development teams that have implemented, and often helped to define, Continuous Delivery. As consultant, speaker and well-known blogger in this space, Dave is in a unique position to offer advice and guidance on the direction of your product offerings. Dave has a depth of practical understanding of this topic that is unique.