We offer both team coaching and individual mentoring

Coaching Teams

Our team coaching services range from single-day "Day with an Expert" events where we can provide high-level, general critique and guidance of your team and project to long-term coaching relationships.

We can offer a broad range of coaching on a wide variety of topics. From strategic planning to day-to-day process. From cultural to technical. From the detail of Test Driven Development or Designing for High Performance to Effective Story writing and Team Organisation.

Project Initiation

The simplest way to adopt the new techniques and processes of Continuous Delivery is from the start of a project.

We offer a project-initiation support service that will help you to find the right path.

We can give advice on team organisation. Creating a 'Dancing Skeleton' of your new system. Establishing Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery infrastructure, Automated Testing and Automated Deployment strategies.

If you have a project that is about to start contact us and we can discuss your needs.

Coaching the Business

Marc Andreessen said "Software is eating the world!". Software is no longer a service-level, cost-centre in your business, it is a strategic tool. If it is not already, it will be!

The relationship between those that create the software and those that recognise a need, or benefit from the software produced is changing.

Continuous Delivery changes the relationship between development services and the rest of the business. It changes the economics of software development.

This is both an opportunity and a challenge to conventional thinking.

This is particularly challenging for people that work closely with technology teams, but who's expertise is not in software development.

We can help by explaining this new approach, in non-technical terms, to those in your organisation who are interested, and involved, in specifying software or using the services of your development teams. and help to ease the transition to the more innovative, flow-based approach to the management of change that Continuous Delivery enables.

Mentoring Leaders

Continuous Delivery is at heart a Lean process. To work effectively we need to be systematic in eliminating waste and fostering team responsibility and establishing 'Learning Organisations'.

This requires a different approach to leadership. Our primary role in the leadership of such organisations is to promote Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose within the teams that we lead.

We can help guide leaders on the journey towards effective leadership in a world where the much of the decision-making is done not by the leaders, but by the teams.

Mentoring Technical Leaders

Dave Farley is a well-known and established technologist with an excellent track-record of innovation and technical leadership. He has led technical teams in organisations around the world, solving problems in a wide variety of problem domains.

Dave has worked with some of the best software developers in the industry.

We offer Dave's services as mentor for technical leaders. We can help make your best technologists better.

A small sample of some of the questions that we can answer:

How do you work as an agent for change in your organisation?

How do you improve the quality of your designs/code/testing?

How do you amplify your own skills through the work of your team?

How do you design for scale/efficiency/maintainability?